The Mirror group are complicit in a slur against Charles Saatchi by suggesting ‘throat grab’ pictures they paid £14,000 fora front cover story for the Sunday People (16th June 2013) were of Charles Saatchi abusing Nigella Lawson in a ’27 minute sustained attack’.

This wholly inaccurate picture set is pure fantasy and damaging in the extreme to Mr. Saatchi’s reputation.

Firstly the Sunday People ran pictures supplied by the anonymous photographer known as ‘Jean Paul’. In actual fact he is the former CEO of bankrupt Big Pictures, the celebrity picture agency famed for it’s set-up celebrity pictures.


Jean Paul invented a preposterous story to go with the pictures suggesting he witnessed “27 minutes of madness’ and it was a ‘sustained attack’, which is totally false.

Jean Paul’s self-by-lined article for the Sunday People and published on the 27th June 2013 says:

  • “I kept taking pictures and there were 27 minutes of it, 27 minutes of abuse”.
  • “What I saw outside the restaurant isn’t something you can brush under the carpet”.
  • “It is disgusting that people think the Nigella assault was such a short event”.
  • “People have asked why I didn’t intervene ….. The best thing I could do was carry on taking the pictures because now everyone can see that Charles Saatchi is an abuser”.
  • “It was shocking”.
  • “The first time her head jolted backwards really got me”.
  • “… It would have hurt Nigella immensely. She has grown up with abuse, a really sad scenario”.
  • “She can’t go back to him now without losing the respect of so many people”.
  • “People have asked why I didn’t intervene, why I didn’t go over. The answer is simple – I would have been arrested. I’m paparazzi so everyone hates you to begin with”.

Firstly, the table where the so-called ‘attack’ happened was outside Scottsin full view of photographers, customers, waiters and restaurant management and Mr. Saatchi and Nigella Lawson only sat at the outside table twice for a maximum of 7 or 8  minutes each time for a brief cigarette before returning each time to their table inside for their food.

There was no 27 minute ‘sustained attack’ where Nigella Lawson’s ‘head jolted backwards’ as Jean-Paul describes in his article in the Sunday People. This is a lie.

Jean-Paul’s fantastical account is totally invented for the purposes of inflating the syndication price for the images worldwide.

As Jean-Paul’s self-by-lined article in the Sunday People on the 27th June 2013 states:

  • “It has been a crazy week, people are still buying the pictures. Hearing that they have been seen all over the world is so special. I don’t think this will ever go away”.

‘Tactile’ Mr. Saatchi has dined with Nigella Lawson at Scotts multiple times over the years and sat at the same table outside for a cigarette, which he is well aware is probably the most photographed celebrity restaurant in the world.

Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson are constantly photographed in a variety of theatrical poses at Scotts covering each other’s mouths, Saatchi cleaning Lawson’s teeth. Cleaning Lawson’s nose. Lawson holding Saatchi’s jaw. They have always been this way with each other. It’s theatre.


After the so-called ‘throat grab’ incident and after Mr. Saatchi accepted a Police caution to avoid the false accusation escalating, The Daily Mirror shamefully published a cover on the 18th June 2013 – NOT running ‘throat grab’ photographs from Jean Paul (taken on the 9th June 2013) but instead a much older stock library image by a different photographer taken in April 2013 – where as part of fun and games Mr. Saatchi theatrically covers Nigella Lawson’s mouth with his hand.

The Daily Mirror falsely claim this picture was taken from a ‘previous row ’between Mr. Saatchi and Nigella Lawson.

This is a total invention and lies.

Then still with the Mirror Group…

On the 7th July 2013 the Daily Mirror ran a story stating that Nigella ‘has invited the art tycoon’s daughter Phoebe to join her and her own children Cosima and Bruno at her rented LA property’.

Sources close to Nigella say these lies ‘had nothing to do with them’. So why is the Mirror publishing made up stories?

This photograph was takenat Scotts on the 8th April 2013 – over 2 months BEFORE the ‘throat grab’ pictures

The copyright is a picture agency called Tepelar.

The photograph was playful and there was no accusations of a row at the time it was taken.


Nigella Lawson’s Publicist Mark Hutchinson wrongfully advised Nigella Lawson to ‘say nothing’ about the true context of the pictures and remain silent.

Because Nigella Lawson told the police there was nothing to it – but said nothing to the British or American media whatsoever, she and Mark Hutchinson allowed the pictures to ‘speak for themselves’. Coupled with the lies of Jean Paul’s article talking of ‘27 minutes of sustained attack’the horrendouslies and damage was done by the images.

This is why Mr. Saatchi has cited Nigella Lawson’s publicist Mark Hutchinson as the fundamental cause of his divorce.

Hutchinson and Lawson both sat back and said nothing – because the pictures worked better with the distorted lies surrounding the ‘wife beater’ narrative that they were cynically engineering to achieve global fame.


The Mirror, clearly well and truly in bed with Lawson’s publicist Mark Hutchinson, then ran a story on the 27th July 2013 stating she had been spotted out with Pierce Brosnan at Baglioni, and ‘James Bond’ was consoling her from the made-up throat grab incident, which is total lies.

The Mirror Group must apologise to Mr. Saatchi for the damage they have caused with the slurs they have made on his good name.


PR Guru Richard Hillgrove

Charles Saatchi gave Nigella Lawson a “publicity pay off” rather than make any cash settlement for a divorce.

“Mr. Saatchi, who signed a pre-nup, was willing to humiliate himself in a global ‘domestic abuse’ scandal rather than settle any cash payment at the time of divorce”, says Hillgrove who has represented the PR for Duncan Bannatyne OBE, Simon Woodroffe OBE and James Caan.

“The notion that a paparazzi photographer would be allowed to stick a camera lens  through the window of Scotts of Mayfair for over 30 minutes and photograph a ‘domestic attack’ made in full light of day with passing waiters, management and customers is preposterous,” says Hillgrove.

“Nigella Lawson was perfectly made up and perfectly in view of the pre-arranged camera”.

“Mr. Saatchi was well aware of the camera and also that he needed to stage something akin to Sir Anthony Hopkins in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ to gain media traction”.

“No one, whether a wife abuser or not, would engage is such prolonged, theatrical assault in public unless playing to an audience”, says Hillgrove.

“The result was a ‘publicity gift’ for Ms. Lawson, who is promoting her TV series in America”.

“The scenes of the predatory monster are virtually comical”.

“Mr. Saatchi countered the potential reputation damage with juxtaposing messages and statements to limit the damage post PR-sting”.

“Ms. Lawson had nothing to say afterwards because she didn’t wish to give the game away as opposed to being petrified and in hiding. Far from it”.

Backmasking PR attempts such as “I was getting snot from her nose … I wanted to fish it out” are pure genius as is the statement from Saatchi stating that “obviously I’m not enough for her”.

This creates a paralysis in the media with the overall publicity effect being achieved, but no one ultimately knowing what to think nor who to blame.

Soon-to-be-divorced Nigella Lawson is to bring her US hit cookery contest ‘The Taste’ to the UK.

The chef and presenter will return to Channel 4 for the first time in a decade, with her shows appearing on BBC2 since 2006.

Richard Hillgrove says: “The problem with Marks & Spencer under chief executive Marc Bolland is his desire to be seen like a James Bond figure with the Bond-girls on each arm in publicity pictures”.

“Stuart Rose had an acute sensitivity towards the brand and only allowed models to represent M&S that were ‘everyday’ like Myleene Klass and not ‘out of reach’ of customers”, he says.

“Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a total misfit for Marks & Spencer Fashion – severing M&S’s connection with British women they don’t want to feel like they can’t keep up”.

“Bolland should have kept his impulses for fast cars and fast womeMarc-Bolland-1024_148201kn at home and been much more atuned to what M&S stands for”.

As a result Marks & Spencer has dropped to the lowest level in four years today as clothing sales slumped.

The group said underlying profits for 2012-13 were GBP665.2m, a 6 per cent drop on a year earlier and below the City forecast of GBP710m at the start of the financial year. The results will increase the pressure on chief executive Marc Bolland to turn around the high street player, particularly in the wake of a reshuffle of its management team.

Richard Hillgrove is founder of Hillgrove PR and has represented PR for former Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, BBC Dragons’ Den stars James Caan, Duncan Bannatyne, Simon Woodroffe and 10 of the starts of Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire. Hillgrove is credited with turning around the fortune’s of Britain’s favourite restaurant brand Little Chef and also does PR for William Chase, founder of Tyrrell’s Crisps, Sahar Hashemi, Founder of Coffee Republic, Nick Wheeler, founder of Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts and Martin Miller of Miller’s Gin.

Twitter is a PR medium not an advertising one, remarks WPP Group Chief Executive Sir Martin Sorrell.

What Sorrel says is important as marketing people don’t use Twitter as a popular advertising platform. Twitter has recently launched its advertising API, but still lacks space for creative advertising communication because of the number of characters limitation on tweets.

The problem with Twitter is that it lacks depth as far as an advertising campaign is concerned. Twitter hopes to overcome this drawback by the newly launched advertising API, by which it hopes to woo more advertisers into the Twitter world. But, we will have to wait and watch what happens there.

However, as the No.1 public relations company in the UK, Hillgrove PR thinks Twitter is the best place, the best social media hotspot, for better PR communication. We saw it at the time of London Olympics 2012. Twitter gained much popularity than Facebook and even Google during the Olympics time when tweets by sports personalities got wide spread public attention through re-tweeting and debates.
Hillgrove PR’s marketing studies found out that busy personalities had just glanced through the day’s tweets to have a quick feeling of the Olympic Games.

Great communicators and brand promoters like Richard Hillgrove take the restriction in the number of characters in a tweet as a positive challenge. That is why they write very clever tweets that are discussed everywhere, not only in the PR world, for a long time. Twitter is the best place for creating a buzz, and it’s very valuable in the PR sector.

This way the experts at Hillgrove PR prove that Twitter is an effective branding medium, even if it doesn’t establish well as an advertising tool. And to this instance, it is good to look at the latest CMO (U.S.) survey which says Social media spending as a percentage of marketing budgets will more than double over the next five years.

shard-lightshow-5_2269130kStanding 1,016ft (310 metres) high, London’s Shard, the 95-storey building, is the tallest building in the EU. It has made Londoners proud and they love it. But, as economic recession crept in, some people started criticising the pompousness and wastage of money in the making of skyscrapers.

The Italian architect of Shard, Renzo Piano, on 5 Feb, 2013 got battered by a string of gripes on BBC Hardtalk. In a conversation with BBC’s Sarah Montague, Mr Piano talked about his thoughts about the skyscraper. He said he always felt insecure about his work despite being a successful architect.

However, Richard Hillgrove – PR consultant and corporate brand promoter in the UK, and owner of Hillgrove PR, London – remarked that negativity only makes bad things happen, and cynicism doesn’t help anyone at all. He said that even though Shard was commissioned pre recession, symbolically it can steer the country out of the gloom.

Mr. Hillgrove emphasized that Shard should remain proud and tall. It can set the UK and its citizens on stage for the world.

We, at Hillgrove PR, feel the power and hope in Richard Hillgrove’s words, which are essential for building a strong image for a person or brand. Thus, Hillgrove PR asserts that Shard now needs a lot better PR.

Double gold winner and the adviser on school sports, Kelly Holmes has commented on Twitter to support PE in schools, opposing the present government stance. If we need to sustain the current glory in Olympics, we’ll have to listen to experienced hands like Madame Kelly Holmes.

We at Hillgrove PR feel that the current status of sports in the UK schools is not healthy. The problem began when the education secretary Michael Gove in 2010 slashed funding for school sports partnerships and also watered the regulations regarding compulsory hours for PE and the annual survey for sport participation. The school sports partnerships were meant to boost the quality and variety of sport available to students.

Hillgrove PR has learnt that the government has cut a significant amount from the school sports budget and it’s going to negatively impact the standard of sports activities.

The Team GB maintained 3rd position in the medal tally at London Olympics with a total of 65 medals, among them 29 hard earned Golds. It’s a great achievement while comparing its 19 Gold haul in the last Olympics held at Beijing. In order to keep up this great performance and also to hold our heads high in the next Olympics, Hillgrove PR and the whole nation expect concrete steps from the part of the government.

Hillgrove PR invites all sports loving people to comment on this issue in order to attract the attention of our political leaders and the concerned authorities to help amicably solve this issue.

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Opinion column from the Hillgrove PR news desk. Hillgrove PR, London analyses the influence of social media in the world of business promotions.

Apple Inc. are said to be planning to invest hundreds of millions of dollars with Twitter, that’ll make this social micro-blogging site worth over $10 billion. A report in this tune has been published by The New York Times, even though Twitter and Apple Inc. have not officially confirmed it.

Apple may be looking to utilize the social media influence and better integrate Twitter into its latest products. Major companies such as the Apple can’t stay away any longer from the social media, which greatly influences people on what they buy and how they spend their time and money.

Business, social & entertainment industries in the internet world belong to a huge ocean where the smart fish traps the weaker ones! One has to be ahead of change to succeed. The Apple has a huge market of phones & tablets, and they sell applications, games, music and movies. Obviously, the social media networking sites and its millions of users are enviable markets for Apple Inc.

As a professional PR consultancy, Hillgrove PR has an excellent reputation for understanding the social media and its increasing control over a wide spectrum of audience in a local as well as global perspective. And we at Hillgrove PR are sure that Apple will be clinching a deal with Twitter or some other powerful social interaction media in the near future.

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